SMS Flex


Looking for the quality and service of a fully functional standard solution but with the freedom of a tailored website? SMS Flex is what you need.

With SMS Flex you use all the functionality of the Stock Media Server platform, we host all your content whether it’s images, footage, audio or anything else, Impact in IT takes care of processing all updates, we provide you with an extensive back office and we provide an extensive API that allows you to create your own custom-made front-end.

You hire any developer of your choice and he can easily create a fully custom front-end. This can be developed by anybody, in any language and can have any layout you like. By implementing simple calls to SMS Flex, your developer easily integrates all the functionality of Stock Media Server to your custom ‘skin’.

SMS Flex: Integrate your own website to Stock Media Server

Flex: Use the features you want
SMS Flex is equipped with all the features that are available in the Stock Media Server platform. But you choose which of these you wish to use. Are you not interested in a particular feature, you simply ignore it.

SMS Flex comes with more features than can be listed here. Below is just a small selection to give you an impression. Contact us (below) for more information about SMS Flex.
- Fast, grid based search engine that let’s you decide the positioning of content
- Fully E-commerce with direct download and virtual CD
- Personalized area for your clients
- External integrations with many other platforms
- Extensive content management
- Multilingual presentation & search
- Use as much currencies as you like
- Special offers & client discounts
- Fully functional contributor area with instant check and feedback
- Create PDFs of images or lightboxes, or send them via email
- Any type of content: single images, subscriptions, microstock, footage, audio and more

Flex: Enjoy the freedom
With SMS Flex, you create your own front-end. This allows you to create a website exactly like you want it, with the looks and functionality that you always dreamt of. With SMS Flex, you can enjoy the freedom!

Flex: No difficult IT project
Because SMS Flex already is equipped with all the features you need in your website and back office, no difficult IT project is needed. Simply have a skin created, integrate it with SMS Flex and you are ready to go.

Some back office screenshots

Flex: SMS Flex Consultants
SMS Flex is sold directly or through SMS Flex consultants. Your consultant gides your through the process of setting up your tailored website. We even allow for consultants to create their own product and sell it as a standard solution that uses SMS Flex under the bonnet. Wish to become a SMS Flex consultant or are you looking for one to help you? Click here to contact us.

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Would you like more information? Contact us and we’ll send you detailed product descriptions and a solid offer.