For agents that want to have a complete functional back office with a tailor made front-end, all at one party and one integrated solution, SMS Professional is the answer.

We develop a tailor-made website for you, we host it, we take care of processing updates and we provide you with an extensive back office that let’s you manage your complete business from a browser, all that for a modest fixed fee per month.

Stock Media Server consists of three parts: SMS Website, SMS Back office and SMS Extranet.

SMS Website

SMS Website is the part that is accessible to your clients, where they can search and buy stock media. With SMS, your website can be fully customized. As a result of this, you decide how your website looks and how exactly you want SMS to work in your website. With the extensive content management functions of SMS, you can also manage the complete contents of your website.

Since 2004, many agents choose for Stock Media Server Professional. A small selection:
A selection of agents that choose Stock Media Server Professional

SMS Website provides more features than can be listed here. To give you a small impression, some are listed below. Download the product information at the bottom of this page for more information:

  • Fast, grid based search engine that let’s you decide the positioning of content
  • Fully E-commerce with direct download and virtual CD
  • Personalized area for your clients
  • External integrations with many other platforms
  • Extensive content management
  • Multilingual presentation & search
  • Use as much currencies as you like
  • Special offers & client discounts
  • Fully functional contributor area with instant check and feedback
  • Create PDFs of images or lightboxes, or send them via email

SMS Backoffice

A backoffice viewSMS Backoffice is the backoffice for you, the distributor. Here you can manage the content of your website, review and enter orders and maintain SMS’s settings for your website, such as the prices and the priorities. Some of SMS Backoffice’s features:

  • Review and enter orders
  • Client relation management
  • You’re in control of your application: set prices and priorities, configure availability of image collections and shipment costs per country etc.
  • Extensive reporting features
  • Review catalogue and update status

SMS Extranet

An extranet viewSMS Extranet is an extranet for your suppliers of stock media. Here they can access information about their distributors that have Stock Media Server, like yourself. Of course they can only access information about their brand. No information about other suppliers is revealed. Stock Media Server automatically generates sales reports per distributor, per brand. Suppliers can easily request sales reports by selecting a distributor and entering a start- and end date. This instantly shows a list of sold images and CD’s as well as the price for which these were sold and of course the total turnover. This sales report can be downloaded as an MS Excel sheet.

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