Impact in IT

The concept

Impact in IT is an independent Dutch software company that is specialized in the development of cost saving Internet software. Because our approach is just a bit smarter than others, we can provide software without the need of large investments. Recent studies have shown that for European companies to remain competing, far-reaching automation is indispensable. But how can this be accomplished considering the current economic circumstances, in which companies don’t want to take the risks that large investments bring along?

Impact in IT solves this dilemma for you. Our aim is to provide software without the need for large investments. How do we do this? Our formula is simple: develop a good and flexible standard application for a common business process. Use this as a base for the development of customized software and provide this as an ASP solution. The costs for customizing the standard application are charged, but due to our low rates and a smart development method, these remain limited. After this, the client only pays a monthly fee and we make sure that the application is at his disposal. We take care of updates and security so you can focus on your core business. This prevents the need for high investments, provides optimum transparency in the costs of ownership and enables everybody to have software at their disposal that perfectly matches their business for a very low price.

Practice has shown that with this approach, you can accomplish large savings by automating your activities well. Where in the past, the savings achieved by not boarding out your work couldn’t compensate for obtaining software, this now turns out to be attainable. Good automation can save you up to tens of thousands of euros every year, without you having to carry over a large amount of money at first.

Our focus is Stock Media Server. This generic platform for online sales of stock photography has proven that our concept works: many agents have started to use our platform over the past years, each with having their own tailor-made website for the price of standard software.

SMS Media Server
One platform, various editions
SMS Professional
The fully integrated tailored
solution that lets you focus on
selling your content
Attractively priced all in one solution
proving all Stock Media Server’s
features and extensive back office.
SMS Flex
Best of both worlds:
All features and extensive back
office combined with custom front-end. "Impact in IT efficient and reliable team take the technical work off our shoulders so we can focus on producing and selling images"

Virginie Miramon, Water Rights Images "Impact in IT saved us many hours of expansive technical work. We can now concentrate on the real important tasks to push our company forward."

Juha Tuomi, Rodeo Images "Using Impact in IT to host my Image Library was a good business decision I made as it helped me focus on Image creation and marketing instead of worrying about hosting & upgrading techology and all the technical work that goes with having your own server."

Insy Shah, "Impact in IT has for several years technically managed the various websites our company operates. Although we are in New Zealand it hasn’t hindered the web developments necessary over that time to achieve our goals of focusing on what we do best while allowing Impact in IT to get on with what they do best. It is an excellent and productive partnership. "

Douglas Maclachlan, Dynamic Graphics "Impact in IT provides intuitive and collaborative development with fast, responsive support. This gives us the freedom and confidence to focus on growing our business."

Mark Renick, Glow Images "Impact in IT provide an intelligent and effective technical solution borne from their extensive experience within the stock image sector. "

Louis Ingram, Ingram Publishing